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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


this ones all about placement!
Im itching for a new tattoos but i seriously wish I didnt have some of the tattoos that I currently have
I wish I would have waited till now to start getting tattooed because I am seriously over at least 3 of them.

I like seeing the places people choose to put their tattoos
here are some of my favsies. 
so simple and feminine

love this!

love the flowey placement
a little too much on the chest for me, it would be hard to cover up 

this is the placement Ive been thinking about a lot.

love over the knee tattoos, I have one but I 
wish mine was a little more rounded and not so flat across

Monday, October 29, 2012

to make you laugh

via my new favorite tumblr 

monday inspo

the moon tonight via me.

I had a great weekend, feeling very out of my shell and happy. 

I used to always feel really anxious all the time
it was bad and I felt like it controlled my life. 
my therpist used to tell me to take 10 deep breaths and to say 
I let go and I let god,
at first I wasn't in to the saying so much because I am not religious and 
it made me uncomfortable.
but it became sort of a motto 

these two I really love

because I am IN LOVE with my job
Im working at a crisis shelter for children
Im shadowing the case manager, who I LOVE she is such an amazing mentor 
and Im working with the kids, who I also LOVE
there is nothing sweeter than my little babies cute hugs all day long.

today I seemed to find all the amazing stuff that made me smile. 

so now I pass it on to you.

oh and go to this website!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

halloween nailz

plum lips

plum lips are my fall go to lips
(even though its still not quite fall here in AZ)
but when I was in chicago I didn't leave the house with out it.

I spent 13 dollars on a lipstick from mac, which is really not my style
but one night when I left my mac one at home accidentally
and  I found my 2.99 wet and wild plum color in the bottom of my purse.

later when I compared I realized they are THE EXACT SAME COLOR

13$ or 3$?

when I discovered this greatness I thought I would share with the blog world.
because a few things bloggers love are makeup, and good deals. 

you're welcome :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012


something cute
I've been out of town, first I was in Chicago, now Im back home in LA 
helping my mom move in her new house, setting it all up, driving all over the town.

I'll be back in Arizona in 2 days and I have tons of pictures, outfits, new clothes, and some good makeup tips :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

monday inspo

yes, 100 times yes.

los madden
the hot madden brother 

so accurate. 

future legs
I got all these pictures by looking through my archive on my tumblr.
which I love doing, see what I posted on this day last year and around this time last year was when I taught myself how to knit
happy one year to me knowing how to knit! woo hoo.