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Monday, March 3, 2014

looking for luv

Let's just be honest here, online dating is straight up the worst. 
I just watched this weeks episode of Shark Tank 
and I saw this AMAZING idea, Cheek'd
I'm shocked they didn't invest, they don't get this generation of online dating and how awful it is
it just so happens today I found this tumblr of this girls screen shots of her online dating messages and they just really explain how awful online dating is.
(this is one of the PG ones.)

They kept saying on the show that people use online dating because of the anonymity and not being able to approach people at the bar, and while that is true, it makes it easier for these men to say the grosses, most inappropriate things to woman behind the computer screen, because if they ever said that shit in public they would get a drink to the face (or a hand, cause I don't want to waste my drink)

So Cheek'd, the idea is that you get these little business cards, with out giving out your actual business card with all your personal information on it, with a little code on it, and you can give it to the cute guy see on the red line or at the bar or at Trader Joes.
Then if he's interested he goes to the website enters the code and is brought your profile you created, and can leave you a message. 
it's easy its less scary and if they don't look you up its not like you went up to a stranger and asked them to dinner. In this time of Tinder I think something like this could potentially take over the 20's-30's dating world, more people just need to know about it. 
I cant get over how genius this idea is, let me share a little story, this weekend I was out at a bar with my mom and her boyfriend and there was this REALLLLY cute guy in a bow tie (he was part of the wedding that they were having in the upstairs private area) and my mom was digging around in her purse looking for my business card she wanted to give to this guy, I wouldn't let her and we didn't have any cards. that card has my address on it, my cell phone number, my email, etsy, and this blog on it. I don't want random cute guys reading my blog before they know me. If this Cheek'd thing was a known name and that bow tie man was single, I so would have easily been able to walk up, drop a card, and run away. 

I think this just has HUGE potential in Chicago and I would SO SO SO use it and I'm definitely telling all my friends about it, the only thing is it wont work unless it becomes a name like Tinder, everyone knows what tinder is and almost everyone uses it.

would you use this? and do you have any online dating horror stories?

Friday, February 28, 2014

colored hair

I am always so torn with I want colored hair, but I want people to take me seriously, and I want a job, and I don't want my mom to be mad at me, and I don't want my poor hair to hate me....
my mom always tells me nows the time to wear the crazy shit you want cause one day you just wont be able to pull it off, 
she's brutally honest. 
so Im like fugggs it I'm 25 I want purple hair damn it.
 Unfortunately my hair is still recovering from the magenta hair of 2013.

(btdubs- this magenta hair was dyed over my brown hair, with special effects dye, that shit is the realness, it didn't wash out in one wash like other colored dyes and IT WAS VIBRANT.)
now I really want purpz hair
with the dark roots uggh I love so much.
likkkkke these
from tumblr somewhere I think. no idea the source. sorry :(
Im sorry but how cute is Kate all tatted up?

I die
this hair is so amaze

arg, lusting so hard, but my hair wont strip to anything lighter than like a pinkish weird orange color and I really don't want to fall apart like it did last time I bleached it. 
for now I will lust from a far until my hair grows a little and gets healthier. 
(sobbing over pinterest pictures)

what do you think of colored hair. love or hate?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

cookie season

Its everyones favorite time of year
I let out a little squeal when I saw the girl scouts with their table of cookies at the supermarket.
frozen thin mints are my weakness.
you know what my other weakness is? WINE

I found this on pinterest.
 happy drinking.

Friday, February 21, 2014


PC interview

This is the first time I've used Polyvore and I had to create a collage type thing of my fashion sense to show in a job interview on sunday. so heres my kinda mess of a collage.
 Girly with a twist. 
I don't really know how to describe my fashion sense but its very me, and everyone that knows me knows my style well. When ever I'm shopping with my friends they always find things that are SO me. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

matte about you

Just another mani monday..
Im mad about matte right now,

uhhhh I love these grey matte nails!

I have been OBSESSSSSSSSING over these blue matte nails. omg they are so amaze.
I personally done feel very myself when my nails are a.long and b.amazing.
I just completed my own set of these royal blue matte nails.

Friday, February 14, 2014

modern day romance

Valentines Day is stupid, but these cards are not.

this shop has the cutest tv show love cards

Saturday, February 8, 2014

pom pom rug

I saw this pom pom rug on pinterest and pinned it in my MAKE THIS board along with the 10000000 other crafts I want to make.
Since I already have a HUGE yarn collection and I had this rug liner that I could cut and use as the perfect piece to make this project on my days while I'm snowed in my apartment on the -3 degree Chicago days. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

I'll cry if I want to

my b-day wishlist

so much nail stuff

mason jar shot glasses

this album, I need it on my iTunes I only listen to it on spotify. 
and this moon tattoo. 
from dr woo

Friday, January 3, 2014


I recently just watched the whole Sex and the City series (and both movies) in one week. don't judge.
which is something I've been meaning to do in my 20s and I felt like with my big 25 rapidly approaching, what better time than now.
There was episode in particular I never connected with until now. the secret single behavior one. 
heres my thing when it comes to relationships and love. Im a sucker for the puppy love stage, the just getting to know each other talk till 5 in the morning, you love all their quirks stage. but slowly over time the cute thing they did, is now annoying, and texting all day turns in to one work nothings. Ive been examining my life as a single 20 something in the city, since I just moved to this new big city all by my lonesome. here are my secret single behaviors. 
1. I like to bring my laptop in the bathroom and watch tv shows/movies while I'm in the bath
2. an extension of number 1 is there is often a cocktail involved in this bath netflix thing.
3. I do my nails 3 times a week and my house constantly smells like a nail salon
4. the bed is not only where the non existent magic happens it also doubles as the couch, the dining room table, the nail salon, my art studio, my beauty area. I do all things from bed. 
5. not sure any man would have a problem with this but

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sex and the Second City

In high school I used to religiously watch Sex and the City
kinda boggles my mind that they let us watch it in the common areas at boarding school with all the sex.
I've been meaning to RE-watch now that I'm entering my MID 20's (ahhh tears)
Carrie reminds me of my teen years and Mr. Big always reminded me of my first love
Big calls Carrie "Kid", E called me "Kid' and honestly what girl doesn't have a Mr. Big?

Heres somethings I've realized while re-watching sex and the city.

Carrie Bradshaw is the most selfish self centered bitch in the UNIVERSE!
her friends are going though divorces, dead parents, having babies, heart break and all Carrie can talk or think about is her damn self. Why did I never notice this before?
Also Carrie Bradshaw sleeps in her bra, which means that she can not be trusted as a human. 
to sum this up, my whole teen years are A LIE.