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Saturday, February 8, 2014

pom pom rug

I saw this pom pom rug on pinterest and pinned it in my MAKE THIS board along with the 10000000 other crafts I want to make.
Since I already have a HUGE yarn collection and I had this rug liner that I could cut and use as the perfect piece to make this project on my days while I'm snowed in my apartment on the -3 degree Chicago days. 

this is how I made it.
these 4 words will SAVE YOUR LIFE while making this rug
(heres a youtube tutorial for the pom pom maker if you don't know how to use one)

after you make your pom pom use a yarn needle and thread it in to the rug liner
I threaded it through the rug, then back into the pom pom, back and fourth a few times and made knot on the underside of the rug. 
keep doing this until your whole rug is covered. 
Im sure you could also hot glue the pom poms to the rug liner 
(if you try it that way let me know how it works out)


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