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Friday, November 30, 2012

feeling grateful

I was meant to leave LA the 27th 
but when I got to the airport they needed someone to voluneer their seat
after some drama with an older couple that hated me for getting picked to stay behind 
I got to extend my trip a WHOLE day.. my flight left wednesday night at 10:20 pm
So we had fun with that extra day!
my mom and I went to get a psysic reading from this place on Abbot Kinney
if you live in LA. GO THERE.
it was so on point I was tripping out.

recently my first love, first real boy friend only real boyfriend (I'm not really a relationship girl, I kinda feel like whats the point if were just gonna end up breaking up, Im kinda jaded like that when it comes to LUV) anyways my first love had recently come back in to my life after 5+ years and she like knew about it and pulled all these cards about it and I felt like there was someone whispering in her ear telling her all my secrets. It was a TRIP. 

anyway when my mom was getting hers, I sat down on this comfy chair and noticed this book on the table. it was a journal that they made public. a gratuity journal for everyone to write what they are grateful for inside. I love that positivity shit so I sat reading every page and taking pictures of my favorite ones to share :)

my favorite one

and other exciting news. 
Im going to start my own business selling my hats!
I started selling them to a store in Pacific Palisades, CA

my hat in the window display, my tag and the store tag!!!!!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

los fucking angeles

I've been in LA for a exactly a week
(I have 3 more days here :( ...)
My week via instagram

Friday, November 16, 2012


my relationship with music is special, Im not a music super fanatic
im behind on the times, I dont normally like the hitzzz when they are hits
Its kinda weird, I find that I kind of just stumble upon a song or two and then find others like it that I like and after Im full on obsessed I do some research and I find out that that song that I've been listening to on repeat for a week was/is so and so's top hit. 

I dont like to listen to new albums when they are new.
or artist.
so I remember when everyone was all nutso over Bon Iver and I was doing my own thang.
now here I am 
and I read on tumblr that hes taking a break and "walking away" for a while. 
(thats was dave said, he was done touring but he just cant seem to stay away.)

the sound of it just does something to my mind.. it makes it less busy and I just kinda.. 
feel free.

heres some songs I'm really loving by them and you might too. 

skinny love ( on repeat all day, I downloaded bon iver discography but I hadnt has my moment with it yet except with Flume and Michicant.. that I heard on genius playlists. so today I put my ipod on shuffle and skinny love was the first song that came on, I loved listening to it driving and I just played it all day long.)


Thursday, November 15, 2012


ladies, if you don't already know about coconut oil.


Im sure you seen posts about it on pinterest. but for realzies
its all true

Wednesday nights are normally for comedy night and cider at the bar
but tonight I decided to stay in, make yarn crafts, and treat my self (in donna and tom voice)
So tonight I made an amazeballs body scrub that I have to share with you as I cant stop touching my legs because they are so damn soft!

I only had half a jar of coconut oil,
as much brown sugar as I wanted
and I squeezed half a lemon in to the mix

stir, apply to body and SCRUB

coconut oil is also really good for your hurrs, try it!
it makes your hair soft and shiny.

Friday, November 9, 2012


my song of the day, blasted this driving up the windy road to Mt. Lemmon
kinda obsessed.
Solider on- the temper trap

whats your jam right now? I'm always looking for new music!


I went to Mt. Lemmon today for a little mental health day
fights with boys,lots of work, lots of homework, people saying mean things.

I needed to just check out and get away from it all for a few hours 
nothing that a little mother nature couldnt fix.

standing here looking out over the whole city, on a beautiful windy day, I kept thinking my problems are like the size of this pebble compared to these mountains and it felt good to breathe in the fresh air and just be free.

I highly recommend it.

now some wise words to pass on, I was talking to friend about some stuff that was in my brain and he said

"Don't let others rent space in your head"
I kept thinking that all day today.