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Friday, November 22, 2013

love at first swipe

Tinder tinder tinder
"its like window shopping for men"
is how I explain it to my girlfriends.
Tinder is fantastic, and fun 
but here are some oh no no's that boys do in the tinder world

Rule #1- Don't post pictures of you and your friends if your friends are hotter than you. thats a super bummer when its 3 group pictures of a bunch of dudes, then the one lonely selfie. the order should be, good selfie, group picture, this is my fun personality picture, this is my hobby picture (me running, me in the woods, me on a bike, me at the gym, me drinking beer (hey Im not judging your hobbies)
Rule #2- Don't post pictures of you and your friends if they are taller than you, also don't put your height in your about me unless its over 6 foot, we don't want to know, just disappoint us in person.
you must be 6'0 to ride this ride
Rule #3-Don't post pictures of you and a baby, I assume its yours and men with babies is too much baggage, this isn't eHarmony.

Rule #4 Dont post pictures of you and a girl, a hot girl, I assume its your girlfriend. Also doing the shitty crop of the blonde next to you is equally bad.

Rule #5-Don't post pictures of you at a wedding, I assume its your wedding when your standing with you arm around the bride and then I take a screenshot and send it to all my girlfriends and we talk about what a scumbag you are. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I'm a simple girl really
I love bed, beer, veggie burgers, taco bell at 3 am, yarn, hello kitty and pumpkin flavored anything.
fall is my favorite time of year because, obvi, PUMPKIN
so if you don't already know you bout to know,

its at Trader Joes 

or you can make your own like this
like this or any of these Pinterest recipes 

things I have used my pumpkin butter with
-toast- add some butter, pumpkin butter and some cinnamon. yum
-greek yogurt with a spoon full of PB and some bananas
-I made a rice and veggie dish with pumpkin butter
-ohmygod, I made pasta and alfredo sauce and added the pumpkin butter to the alfredo sauce it was AMAZING, were making it for thanksgiving!
-pumpkin milkshake with ice, ice cream, coconut milk and a spoon full of PB
and my personal favorite a fall twist on some cocktails
-gin and soda with some pumpkin butter
-whiskey water with some shake it up and yum
I got a little fancy and got some vanilla vodka, mixed in some cream soda and some PB- holy sweetness that was delish. 

the point of the story is buy a bottle, or 5.