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Friday, November 16, 2012


my relationship with music is special, Im not a music super fanatic
im behind on the times, I dont normally like the hitzzz when they are hits
Its kinda weird, I find that I kind of just stumble upon a song or two and then find others like it that I like and after Im full on obsessed I do some research and I find out that that song that I've been listening to on repeat for a week was/is so and so's top hit. 

I dont like to listen to new albums when they are new.
or artist.
so I remember when everyone was all nutso over Bon Iver and I was doing my own thang.
now here I am 
and I read on tumblr that hes taking a break and "walking away" for a while. 
(thats was dave said, he was done touring but he just cant seem to stay away.)

the sound of it just does something to my mind.. it makes it less busy and I just kinda.. 
feel free.

heres some songs I'm really loving by them and you might too. 

skinny love ( on repeat all day, I downloaded bon iver discography but I hadnt has my moment with it yet except with Flume and Michicant.. that I heard on genius playlists. so today I put my ipod on shuffle and skinny love was the first song that came on, I loved listening to it driving and I just played it all day long.)



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