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Friday, November 30, 2012

feeling grateful

I was meant to leave LA the 27th 
but when I got to the airport they needed someone to voluneer their seat
after some drama with an older couple that hated me for getting picked to stay behind 
I got to extend my trip a WHOLE day.. my flight left wednesday night at 10:20 pm
So we had fun with that extra day!
my mom and I went to get a psysic reading from this place on Abbot Kinney
if you live in LA. GO THERE.
it was so on point I was tripping out.

recently my first love, first real boy friend only real boyfriend (I'm not really a relationship girl, I kinda feel like whats the point if were just gonna end up breaking up, Im kinda jaded like that when it comes to LUV) anyways my first love had recently come back in to my life after 5+ years and she like knew about it and pulled all these cards about it and I felt like there was someone whispering in her ear telling her all my secrets. It was a TRIP. 

anyway when my mom was getting hers, I sat down on this comfy chair and noticed this book on the table. it was a journal that they made public. a gratuity journal for everyone to write what they are grateful for inside. I love that positivity shit so I sat reading every page and taking pictures of my favorite ones to share :)

my favorite one

and other exciting news. 
Im going to start my own business selling my hats!
I started selling them to a store in Pacific Palisades, CA

my hat in the window display, my tag and the store tag!!!!!



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