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Friday, February 28, 2014

colored hair

I am always so torn with I want colored hair, but I want people to take me seriously, and I want a job, and I don't want my mom to be mad at me, and I don't want my poor hair to hate me....
my mom always tells me nows the time to wear the crazy shit you want cause one day you just wont be able to pull it off, 
she's brutally honest. 
so Im like fugggs it I'm 25 I want purple hair damn it.
 Unfortunately my hair is still recovering from the magenta hair of 2013.

(btdubs- this magenta hair was dyed over my brown hair, with special effects dye, that shit is the realness, it didn't wash out in one wash like other colored dyes and IT WAS VIBRANT.)
now I really want purpz hair
with the dark roots uggh I love so much.
likkkkke these
from tumblr somewhere I think. no idea the source. sorry :(
Im sorry but how cute is Kate all tatted up?

I die
this hair is so amaze

arg, lusting so hard, but my hair wont strip to anything lighter than like a pinkish weird orange color and I really don't want to fall apart like it did last time I bleached it. 
for now I will lust from a far until my hair grows a little and gets healthier. 
(sobbing over pinterest pictures)

what do you think of colored hair. love or hate?


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