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Friday, January 3, 2014


I recently just watched the whole Sex and the City series (and both movies) in one week. don't judge.
which is something I've been meaning to do in my 20s and I felt like with my big 25 rapidly approaching, what better time than now.
There was episode in particular I never connected with until now. the secret single behavior one. 
heres my thing when it comes to relationships and love. Im a sucker for the puppy love stage, the just getting to know each other talk till 5 in the morning, you love all their quirks stage. but slowly over time the cute thing they did, is now annoying, and texting all day turns in to one work nothings. Ive been examining my life as a single 20 something in the city, since I just moved to this new big city all by my lonesome. here are my secret single behaviors. 
1. I like to bring my laptop in the bathroom and watch tv shows/movies while I'm in the bath
2. an extension of number 1 is there is often a cocktail involved in this bath netflix thing.
3. I do my nails 3 times a week and my house constantly smells like a nail salon
4. the bed is not only where the non existent magic happens it also doubles as the couch, the dining room table, the nail salon, my art studio, my beauty area. I do all things from bed. 
5. not sure any man would have a problem with this but


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