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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sex and the Second City

In high school I used to religiously watch Sex and the City
kinda boggles my mind that they let us watch it in the common areas at boarding school with all the sex.
I've been meaning to RE-watch now that I'm entering my MID 20's (ahhh tears)
Carrie reminds me of my teen years and Mr. Big always reminded me of my first love
Big calls Carrie "Kid", E called me "Kid' and honestly what girl doesn't have a Mr. Big?

Heres somethings I've realized while re-watching sex and the city.

Carrie Bradshaw is the most selfish self centered bitch in the UNIVERSE!
her friends are going though divorces, dead parents, having babies, heart break and all Carrie can talk or think about is her damn self. Why did I never notice this before?
Also Carrie Bradshaw sleeps in her bra, which means that she can not be trusted as a human. 
to sum this up, my whole teen years are A LIE.


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