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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


My year according to my iPhoto


the sunset the day dom was a free man 
the year of my hooping obsession,
and first hoop and LED hoop.
new dark hair do.
disneyland with my BFFF for my 24th
luv her

the best day of 2013.
when my dude got out.

read more to see the rest of my year...


remember when these were popular?
Superbowl pretending I'm a niners fan.
superbowl nailzzzz
the month I learned how to make the slouchy hat and got in an internet fight with the bitch on IG
pink hair 
best trip of 2013 and my life
I fucking love SF
buckshot with my main boo


street fair temp tats
march when I learned how to make dreamcatchers
when I got my little bugga boo

bangs in April
pink hurrs and my new phone case from adris glam case
Happy Valley alumni day
on 4/20
so fitting for my school.
April- the month I ate pho everyday
april seflie, missing my long hurrs.

when the pink hair was over.
and I spent 9 hours at the salon trying to get rid of it.
buh bye
when I had to leave my babies at work 
move back to LA after college
hanging with my bestie who had recently moved to LA
and my reunion with my boarding school peeps 
and my high school best friend and savior BB fresh

life in LA
summer baseball game 
it was also half christmas<3
June 11th is national yarn bomb day, I remember this day so perfectly
I was having drama with my first great love who comes back in my life every few years, I was bumming out, I saw it was national yarn bomb day, and I went to the bluffs, a spot where we used to go in out days of young love to make out in his car before curfew. months later I saw my little yarn bomb was featured on buzzfeeds list of the 24 BEST yarnbombs from around the (fucking) WORLD... the world you guys, the WORLD! 
click here to see.
mad bulls
2013 the year of new friends and laughing till you cry. 

omg 4th of july was such a mess
we swam, tanned, had a picnic at sammys dads casa 
went to go meet our guy friends to watch fireworks at the rose bowl and we ended up getting seperated and lost, and wandered around empty creepy streets for what felt like hours and MILES and watched the fireworks on the creepy empty street. 

when I fell in love with my favorite LA bar

two words sum up the month of August
 buckshot round 2
 sf street art
the block where we lived for that week. 
 rooftop moments
morning fuel for osl

da babe
 beach days

 sleepovers with the obes
kisses with her bff fleayonce
 photobooths with friendz

the month I moved to Chicago


giraffe face

 zoo lights
 stripper class
purty lightz

 4 years of tumblr 
and starting the post its again.
 cutest pup alive
 snow letters
discovering new bars
and crushes
xmas nails...

2013 was awesome and 2014 will be awesome
now for my night in with the Sex and the City box set,
champagne and strawberries,
french fries and a bubble bath. 



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