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Monday, October 29, 2012

monday inspo

the moon tonight via me.

I had a great weekend, feeling very out of my shell and happy. 

I used to always feel really anxious all the time
it was bad and I felt like it controlled my life. 
my therpist used to tell me to take 10 deep breaths and to say 
I let go and I let god,
at first I wasn't in to the saying so much because I am not religious and 
it made me uncomfortable.
but it became sort of a motto 

these two I really love

because I am IN LOVE with my job
Im working at a crisis shelter for children
Im shadowing the case manager, who I LOVE she is such an amazing mentor 
and Im working with the kids, who I also LOVE
there is nothing sweeter than my little babies cute hugs all day long.

today I seemed to find all the amazing stuff that made me smile. 

so now I pass it on to you.

oh and go to this website!


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