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Friday, February 24, 2012

I wear my heart on...

I saw these on pineneedle-collective diy heart tights late last night I was tempted to go out and buy tights at 1 am to make these. today was a day of DIY crafts. 
bought 2 pairs of nude sheer and 2 pairs of black sheer, set up my paint and went to painting these tights while they were on. 
it was hard and messy but so worth it! 

I made these nude tights covered in all sizes of hearts and I LOVE THEM.

but I think the knee patch hearts are my new favorite pair. 


Ally Ebdon said...

This is so adorable! I think I prefur the red hearts too, it really suits you! I've been thinking of doing some elbow patches for a cardigan. It would be so cute if you did matching ones! Keep up the good work.

sharethesmiles said...

I actually have made elbow patch hearts, I posted them right after I saw this comment. check it out. its my favorite sweater, so cute. i recently just made one where the heart is right on the sleeve, on my wrist so i can wear my heart on my sleeve!

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