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Monday, August 27, 2012


This morning I woke up with a sore throat, feeling all groggy and just not happy that I was up at 6 am.
after I went to the Doc I went to Michaels to buy some stuff for a day of crafting!
Ive seen all these DIY tutorials on pinterest to make your shoes sparkly!
 After deep cleaning my house yesterday 
and being able to see all the shoes I own stashed away in the back on my closet, I saw these ankle brown boots that I've never worn... 

so I thought hey maybe I would wear them more if they were 

New boots! 

I made these by poring half a cup of mod podge 
and a quarter of glitter 
(you dont want there to be more glitter than mod podge.)
if you buy the GLOSSY mod podge it will create that shine on what ever you use it on.
it dries pretty fast and I did about 4 coats because I didn't want to see the dark brown underneath

what do you think of the glitter boots, what shoes would you glitter?


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