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Sunday, August 26, 2012


I havent blogged in ages, I promised myself to start up again once the school year started here I am. 
Sundays post is my time to reflect on the week I've had so Ive been thinking about it.
I started off my week in Chicago, after all summer there and ending with my cousins wedding downtown. 
Ive been back in Arizona for a week now and its nice to be back, I miss the green trees that line the streets of chicago, cuddling with my doggy at night, and staying up late with my mom watching trashy TV. 
I notice myself sometimes going to a negative mindset and thinking why am I even in Tucson, Im taking my classes online I could be back in Chicago enjoying the weather and the soon changes in the leaves but Im here in 100+ degree weather but when I catch myself doing that I like to look around at the beauty of my surroundings. 
here are some of my instagram pictures from the past week.
I was so intrigued by the beauty of what I saw, I felt the need to whip out my phone and take a picture. 

view from my cousins wedding

the sky at 7 am driving to the airport 
airplanes trip me out when I really think about them, at any time any day we can hop on a plane and go on an adventure 

above the clouds

my first stop when I got home. 
Sparkroot, I love you so 
and your amazingly nice baristas
squeaky chairs 
and yummy iced tea.

there are very few things I love more that monsoon season, warm rainy days

beautiful sky

beautiful sky again

and again

it does have a way of growing on you

bar art 

local music, good nights.
my mom always tells me you can meet new people sitting on your couch.
last night I was in the mood to watch netflix and crochet in bed but I dragged myself out and Im glad I did, I met new people, was introduced to really amazing music.

that is my week, and it was a good one. 

sunday is my lazy day. relaxing in bed, cleaning my house and FINALLY unpacking from chicago (oops), working on my crochet projects, real housewives of new jersey, and nail painting :)


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