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Sunday, January 20, 2013

25 before 25

yesterday was my 24th birthday
Im getting on up there in the world, and I wanted to make a list of things to do before 25.
so here is my 25 before 25.
1. crochet a blanket
2.graduate college
3. get a new car
4.take more pictures
5 learn how to use my camera better
6. take my blog more seriously. 
7. be more organized. 
8. go to the grand canyon
9.explore SF (will be crossed off soon)
10.maintain healthy friendships and cut ties with the ones that arent good for me. on my business.
12.dont hide from love.
13. take a road trip up PCH.
14. visit santa cruz
15. move out of Tucson
16. spend more time with the Davis family
17.learn about the stock market.
18.learn sign language
19. travel in Europe with my mom
20. hula hooping
21. learn to cook more things. (besides mac and cheese and quesadillas)
22. vegan life. quit cheese.
23.let loose
24. read more 
25.explore more. 


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