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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I had a little debate with a friend about tattoos, she kept saying to me its gonna look shitty when you're 60, what about when you're 60?
maybe I wont want a bow garder on my thigh when Im 60 but when Im sixty my skin is gonna be old and gross anyway. do you think I'm gonna be wearing short dresses that show off my leg tattoos when Im 60 anyway? probably not. 

to me half of the tattoo is the story, the time period I got it. I remember everything about the day I got my bow tattoo and for me its a memory of a time in my life..
 I like to think I have stories for all my tattoos. 
when I got my ring finger heart tattoo I was in Chicago for the summer. 
In a new city no friends, no love life I didnt know anyone there and I had this job that I hated 
and all I really wanted was someone to spend the warm summer nights with. 
right before I got my tattoo I got fired from my job because they said I didnt come in even though I wasn't on the schedule.
I was in a bad mood and I wanted that feeling of getting a tattoo.
 I had the idea for a while but I acted on impulse and went and got this heart tattoo. 

but what Im trying to say is every tattoo has a memory, a story, and I remember the places and moods surrounding all my tattoos. so when Im sixty I may not love all the choices I made but who does?


Anni said...

tattoos are great (:
I dont have any of them but just because i think if you make a tattoo it have to be a story or something you don't want to forget, like you said (:

Courtney said...

I can't stand the "what about when you get older" argument. Like, if you don't get tattoos you'll always look like you're 25? Um, no. I think my tattoos will be the least of my worries if I make it to old age!

Ellegra said...

exactly. just because you dont have tattoos doesnt mean your gonna be a less saggy wrinkly old person.

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