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Friday, January 27, 2012

diy cute smiley sweater!

My bestest friend sent me this adorable smiley face sweater she saw on etsy. only one issue 24$ for a sweatshirt, I am a forever 21 and buffalo exchange shopper. I rarely spend over 20$ on one article of clothing.

 So the nest best thing is... MAKING IT!
For my birthday my roommate and I took a trip to flagstaff to go snowboarding, there wasn't any snow but at least we got to do some thrifting and exploring. I found a yellow sweatshirt for 4$!!!!!
I took the sweatshirt cut off the neck part to make it slouchy, painted on a smiley face with some paint ( I used acrylic because we didn't have any fabric paint in the house) let it dry, then wear!


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