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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my love shack

sooo Im obviously obsessed with crochet hearts. but in other news, I wanted to make a duvet cover like this one but the ruffles and no sewing machine just seemed like too much work. so instead I did a NO SEW duvet. I went and bought two coy sheets from good will dolla ninety nine. washed and bleached them (twice), then I laid them on the ground and used my fabric glue and glued the edges together. put my comforter in and for the top i make little holes and used pieces of felt to make bows to keep it closed. 
THEEEENNN I made about 16 little red hearts and glued them on to my new hand made duvet cover and bam love shack. 
My new little heart set up in my room is a dreamy and romantic place for me, my laptop and my crocheting.


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