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Saturday, May 12, 2012


starting monday Im going to be getting back to my normal blogging routine.
My mom doesn't have wifi cause she has this little portable wifi thing in her laptop. 
but since I'm taking summer school classes (boooo)
I NEED WIFI (and for blogger, tumblr and pinterest)

I just arrived in Chicago yesterday.
I cant get over the green trees. coming from the desert where its BROWN these trees are just.. 

coffee shop blogging, I feel so Carrie Bradshaw

I love the green trees I just cant get enough
and I love the way they create this tunnel over the streets

We always pass this tree so my mom wanted a picture of the monkey in the tree.

 then we stopped at my favorite local yarn shop 
the girl that owns it is a bad ass tattooed chick, I want her life.
and we found out that tomorrow they are doing a craft day for free for mothers day!
and  potluck brunch! How awesome is that!

and she's going to help me figure out this pattern thats been killing me.
Day 1 of chicago trip is a success!


Kate - Classy Living said...

Enjoy Chicago - I loved there for 4 years. It's a GREAT city! :)

kristal casidsid said...

Your blog is so cute! Have just joined your site :)

Bolang Kristal

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