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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Nato (and Obama) are here in Chicago
so today were going to check out all the craziness and protests in the south loop.
one thing I really want to do while Im here in chi town is have a blogger picnic/meet up
tumblr, pinners,bloggers.
all get together at the bean and have a little picnic and hang out!

every monday at millennium park starting may 28th
there are free concerts in the park and people sit out and eat, and drink and have fun in the summer time. 

doesnt this just sound lovely!?

and one of my favorite musicians is playing july 9th!
james vincent mcmorrow.

who would be down to do this???!??


Jess Buckley said...

Aw, a blogger meetup would be so amazing. I'm in Virginia, but I'm sure there's lots of really cool bloggers to meet in both of our cities!

Also, thank you so much for following me. My blog just got deleted and completely removed from the web last week, and I've been slowly rebuilding it. I'm glad to know I have you through thick and thin (sorry that sounds cheesy!)

Much love,

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