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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Since I have more followers now I decided to do tattoosday on myself!

When and where did I get my tattoos?
I got the bow on my leg in tucson, the Aun Aprendo knee cap tattoo at 4fourty4 tattoo in Tucson by Henrytattooer, my finger heart tattoo at this place in chicago ( i cant think of the name) And I got my LA lip tattoo at staring with out caring In Tucson.
Which is my favorite?
I think my finger heart tattoo, its the one I see the most and I love it so much

Do I have others?
these are only 4 of my 9

Do I plan on getting more?
one day, Im waiting a year to get more.

Any advice I have for others getting tattoos...
one thing about me and tattoos is once I got my first one at 16 or 17 I was hooked, and I act on impulse, I get an idea and I need it right away. which means I have this one tattoo that I hate. I really wish I didnt have it on my body but I acted on impulse. So my advice is make sure you REALLY want that on your body forever. and something Im still working on since tattoo artists really intimidate me, make sure you speak up. the tattoo that I dont like, I told the tattoo artist I didnt like the size and instead of saying, ok lets do it your way he got mean and rude and said that it wouldnt look right and just kinda made me feel dumb instead of talking it out with me. I wish I woulda said something. SO be 100% sure you like the tattoo, sometimes I draw it on for a few days to make sure. and SPEAK UP


Mimi said...

that's really great advice! i think it's very important to be 100% sure about everything before actually going to get a tattoo. :)

p.s. i think i'm too chicken to get one, i'm afraid it's gonna hurt, haha. ;)

<3, Mimi
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Rebekah Wing. said...

such a great and helpful post :)
I'm always thinking of getting a tattoo. but I'm quite not sure
what kind of tattoo I want. maybe a short but meaningful quote. :')
but I have to say that you have great tattoos, dear!
maybe you'll have a look on my blog as well, if you like.


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