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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Good luck exploring the infinite abyss

I only have 2 papers and one test left for the school year
I wanted to get out of the house/tucson and explore today
so I went to Mt. Lemmon 
Im pretty sure it was my first time
(maybe I went as a kiddo but I dont remember)


Some random guy rock climbing.

I definitely had a garden state moment and screamed as loud as I could
It echoed and it felt great.

I was taking pictures of rocks n shit and all the sudden I see this guy
walking a tight rope between 2 HUGE rocks. 
so bad ass.

ps I love my camera, I was so far away from that guy.
thank you canon, thank you zoom

pit and peak of friday
pit: the whole time at mt lemmon, even though I enjoy being alone I couldn't help but let my mind wander to what it would have been like to share it with a great man. sometimes singleness bums me out.
peak:going to mt lemmon alone and enjoying the company of myself, blasting music driving the windy road, my new tripod, the smell of pine trees and camp fires, pictures of the moon, seeing an old boarding school friend years later,brooklyn pizza.


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