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Sunday, March 18, 2012

random inspo

I have been in such a funk since my roommate/ someone I thought was one of my best friends ending our roommate relationship and basically friendship via index card, like couldnt even tell me to my face. My insides just feel sad, left behind, stressed out, hurt and like the whole thing was just fake. Its following me around and I find my self obsessing over it. I feel like Katy Heron I cant stop talking about this its like word vomit.  I just need to realize that people do thing, and its not about me, rules of agreement- dont take things so personally. This wasn't about me and in the long run I'll be better off because she was a terrible friend and I dont need friends in my life that leave me when Im in the shower. 

love this so much.

I cant stop staring at this picture, it's so beautiful.


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