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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

writing down the things I want in my life.

putting it out there in the universe.
  • a small little cute healthy poodle that I can love on and snuggle with
  • better friends that respect me, just people in general that respect me.
  • that includes and nice tall man, (tattoos could be a plus) I have this man repelling problem where I talk about my feelings, Im pretty convinced in my previous experience that men are afraid of feelings. I went to boarding school where if we had issues with students they made us sit down with that person and talk in I FEEL statements and solve that issue, Ive always been a talker, I've always been a communication person and Ive always been overly sensitive.
  • the perfect new house, near 4th ave, the perfect little place that has a porch, laundry on site, AC for the hotter months, in my dads price range, that allows pets. 
  • To get the fill time internship at casa and work with these kiddies.
  • i cant think of anything else except pizza, and a tall man. 
the perfect situation would be a tall man that is nice, with pizza, and a puppy, in my bed watching parks and rec.just sayin


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