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Monday, April 23, 2012

flower princess

flower crowns.
saw a diy on calico skies and had to make my own


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DIY flower crown. they are everywhere!
and super easy to make
It cost me less than 5 dollars to make this.
flowers (dollar store) 
I got big ones then didnt like how big it was so used small daisies I had lying around.
Thick and thin floral wire (also dollar store)
hot glue

I made the wire crown to fit my head, made it a little bigger because the flowers made it tighter.
took a few flowers wrapped them in the skinny wire and glued it to the crown. 
it takes some playing around with the make them lay flat. 


Emily said...

adorable blog. Lovin' the flower headband!

Your newest follower,

Emily :)

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