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Monday, April 30, 2012

monday, my day.

oooh monday,
I have writing class at 9 am on mondays.
via me
but I get my ass up out of bed, go to school and my teacher canceled class!
so I spent the day on University, treating myself to an end of the year lunch. 
via random girl sitting across from me
and pinning on the bench in my favorite part of campus
via me
Im loving my new camera so much. the detail it shows is just amazeballs.

 some good inspo I found on pinterest!


ShyScout said...

I always hated when I would wake up early for class to walk there and find out it was canceled. At least it seems like you are having a good day regardless :] I love the first print!

Ellegra said...

today was one of my favorite mondays, normal on monday I am in I hate the world mode. but I loved today

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