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Saturday, April 28, 2012

white dress, welcome back

They used to sell this dress at urban, I was in love but it was mad expensive
like 70 bones
then one day I found it at buffalo(insert angel sound here)
it was crazy worn, had holes in it, nail polish stains.
It was my GO TO dress, I wore it at least once a week.
but then one drunken football tailgate I spilled red wine all over my lovely dress
after, my now ex roomie and I made a deal if we ever saw it 
buy it no matter what
(peep my little mermaid temporary tat,
its making me really want an arm tattoo.)
And magic shit happened and she found it at savers yesterday
Im so happy to have it back.

Playing around with my new camera and editing photos on photoshop and iPhoto.
I like both the more antiquey one and this one
I think the wood looks awesome.


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