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Thursday, April 19, 2012

thursday is my friday.

I am finally done with this busy week
I had group presentations/ projects in every class and I'm glad its over.
super happy I found out I got an 98% on my group facilitation in my group work class!! 

so far since I've been home I climbed in to bed, turned the air on (its like 95 degrees out today!)
painted my nails

Ive always wanted to do ombre nails but I didn't have all the different shades I needed
so I just used the 3 purples I had and played around with mixing the colors to get the perfect ombre manicure. 


Jenn @ PSP said...

Congrats on finishing everything, girl! I wish I had a couple more three-day weekends in my year. I also love your nails! I got my nails done a couple weeks ago, and have been all excited about nail polish, but I'm so nervous to actually do my own nails, they always come out looking bad ; )

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