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Friday, June 1, 2012

friday favesies

Im pretty obsessed with all these things right now.
my amazing, adorable puppy.

2.almond butter
vegan day 3, I feel better.
Im putting healthy good things in my body and im digging it
vegan is harder than I thought, reading lots of labels and everything has dairy or eggs in it but its a fun experience.

red lipstick. I have this red matte long stay lipstick from sephora that I've been wearing everyday.
red lipstick is my thing and this stuff stays on ALL DAY! 
(just found out the other day they dont sell it anymore at sephora, hoping it will return in winter!)

this app
if you have an iphone or an ipod/ipad with a camera BUY THIS APP. 
its awesome different styles but they all look like they are out of one of those awesome photo booths. 


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