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Friday, June 1, 2012

oh and one more thing

little back story, last week when my friends were in town we went to the bridge water mall on michigan 
(I think its called bridge water)
There was a Nordstrom, Sephora, some other stores and those little kiosks 
the one my bff stopped at was for psychic readings, and to get a picture of your aura
I totally believe in auras and psychics and all that shiz but a picture of your aura?
and a psychic at a kiosk!? 
anyway while we were waiting for my bff to get her aura pic and reading I was playing with this oil, romance oil.
{this special blend of herbs,oils, and silver dust is a secret formula to help you draw strong love to you- be happy in love- get respect- love-sex from your lover. be loved, be desired!}
I swear this oil has magical powers!
I was wearing this outfit that day and I got more compliments that day then I think I ever have before.
Walking down the street people would stop me to tell me they liked my dress,hair, flower crown, lipstick, the whole package. It was weird. We started to take a tally and it was just crazy how much it happened. even when we went out later that night I got stopped on the way to the bar and this guy told me loved my whole outfit and I looked better than every other girl, HELLO FLATTERED! and the second we walked in the bar to get a drink a group of boys all loved my flower crown! 

{The outfit I was wearing}

So the other day my ma and I went back to that kiosk and bought the oil, went in to sephora and 2 people complimented me in there, and in nordys where we got validated. I swear this oil, there is something about it! Im loving it. 


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