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Friday, June 8, 2012


summer school is kicking my asssssss

this week. I dyed my huurrss back to brown but kept two little blonde streaks, Im thinking its a little cholita but I kinda like it. Brings my mexican out!

my favsies of the week are
finding cute wedding/bridal showers on pinterest

I want to make this for my cousins wedding.
put where they met,  where they traveled,where they married, where they live

I want.

day dreaming of outfits I want to wear when I get my ass in shape. Ive been eating lots of fruits and veggies! lots of organic and kinda sticking to the vegan thing minus the cheese because I love cheese!
Today Im going to buy running shoes. Operation get in shape and love my body is going dooooown.

All these pictures are on my pinterest board if you wanna looksies!


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